As announced on March 16, 2020, as of today (March 25, 2020), the calculation and payment of fines will be completely online for residents of the Metropolitan Region.

Foreigners, within the Metropolitan Region, will be able to calculate the amount to be paid, pay it online using various means of payment and obtain the corresponding resolution – resolución de sanción pagada – (without having to wait for an answer from the Immigration Department – Departmento de Extranjeŕía y Migración).

Who must pay a fine?

Foreigners who have violated the Immigration Law and its Regulations.

How is the process done?

Those who are within the Metropolitan Region must head over to, and select “Cálculo de Multa Extranjero“:

calculation and payment of extranjería fines online for those residing within the Metropolitan Region

And what about the rest of the country? Outside the Metropolitan Region, the process must carried out in person at the closest Provincial Government (Gobernación Provincial) with an appointment booked online through

Due to the current sanitary situation (Coronavirus), it is suggested to contact the respective Provincial Government in order to know the form of attention, through:

Step 1

If you live within the Metropolitan Region, after entering to and selecting the process of “Cálculo de Multa Extranjero“, read the instructions and requirements, accept the conditions and click on “Next“.

Step 2

In the next tab, you must enter the type of document with which the process will be carried out, the country that issued the identification document, and the document number. Then click “Next“.

Step 3

On the next tab, you must add the expiration date of the document you indicated and press the “Save” button.

Then, complete the form with your personal information:

  • Name (*)
  • Middle name (Optional)
  • First surname (*)
  • Second surname (Optional)
  • Date of birth (*)
  • Country of birth (*)
  • Country of nationality (*)
  • Region of domicile (*)
  • E-mail (*)
  • Cell phone (*)

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

If you have previously carried out Immigration procedures using another document, you must add them by clicking on “Add document“. Fill in all the fields and click on “Save“. Once finished click “Next“.

Step 4

In the following tab you must select your migratory condition in Chile (Tourist, with a Residence Visa or with Permanent Residency), complete all the required fields and attach the requested documents, if applicable. Then click “Next“.

Step 5

On the following tab, you will see the amount of the fine and the resolution issued. This document is official and cannot be cancelled.

Select the method of payment and click “Next“.

Step 6

If you selected “Tesorería General: Pago en Línea”, choose the entity with which the payment will be made. Click on “Pay” and follow the instructions.

Step 7

If the payment was made correctly, you will see the payment receipt from the Tesorería General de la República (General Treasury). Click “Finish” to return to the Immigration Department website.

Step 8

As a result, the fine will have been paid. You can send a copy of the payment receipt to your email.

From this moment on, you will have 10 days to regularize your immigration status, i.e. to apply for a visa or permanent residency, or to leave the country.


If you are having problems during the calculation and payment of the fine, you can contact the Immigration Department (Extranjería) through its Freshdesk platform, creating a new ticket, indicating your passport number: