Yes, you can lose your Permanent Residency. It is called “revocación tácita” and it happens when you stay outside Chile for more than a year without applying for an extension at a Chilean Consulate abroad.

How can you avoid losing your Permanent Residency

By applying for an extension of your Permanent Residency at the nearest Chilean Consulate before the deadline (1 year outside Chile). You can extend your Permanent Residency for up to 4 consecutive times.

Documents required

  • The passport in which the last departure from Chile was stamped; OR,
  • If you have left using your ID card, you must present the tourism card with the departure date; AND,
  • Permanent Residency Certificate; AND,
  • Chilean ID Card; AND,
  • Certificate justifying the the extension. For example: certificate of studies, medical certificate, etc; AND,
  • Letter addressed to the Consul requesting the extension, explaining the reasons why is not possible to return to Chile.


Each extension has a cost of US$75.

Chilean Consulates around the world

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