Visas in Chile - Overview (2019) lostinchile temporary visa student visa work visa permanent residence chile

Visas in Chile – Overview (2020)

Work visa (visa sujeta a contrato) This visa allows you to: Work only with the employer with which you celebrated the contract and not other (you cannot work for more than 1 employer at a time); AND, Include your spouse, children and parents in your residence application. They will get a work visa as dependents […]

Securing a visa in Chile – step by step (2019) lostinchile

Securing a visa in Chile – step by step (2020)

If you are in Chile under a tourist visa and don’t know if it is still possible to switch from tourist to resident: Well, you still can. In this post, we explain you how the process looks like, step by step. 1. Gather the documents Once you figured out which visa suits you the best, […]