Passengers have many questions following the border closure as part of the COVID-19 plan, here we answer some of them (elaborated by @NuevoPudahuel):

What about domestic flights?

A: To date, these measures only apply to international arrivals. Please check your flight status with your airline.

Does the COVID-19 plan include all International flights?⁣

A: No, the measures only apply for international arrivals.

Can I leave Chile?⁣

A: All passengers, Chilean and foreign, are allowed to leave the country. Please confirm your flight with your airline.

Who is NOT allowed to enter the country?⁣

A: Foreign passengers. If you’re Chilean or a resident in Chile, you are allowed to enter Chile.

Will the airport be open?⁣

A: The airport will continue to operate. Please, don’t go to the airport unless you have confirmed your flight with your airline.

Will my flight depart as scheduled?⁣

A: You must always confirm your flight with your airline before going to the airport.

Who needs to be quarantined?⁣

A: Chileans and residents arriving from high-risk countries will be able to enter Chile following health controls and must self-isolate for 14 days.