In order to book an appointment for Extranjería you need to first create an account.

If you already have one, just jump right to “How to book an appointment for Extranjería step by step”.

If you don’t have one yet, then keep reading.

How to create an account

Head over to:

Once there, click on “Registrarse” (Register):

On the next page, check the box on the left side of the screen  “Acepto las condiciones de uso” (I accept the terms of use):

Right after you check the box you will be able to fill the form on the right side of the screen named “Registro de nuevo usuario” (New User Registration), where you will have to complete the following information:

  • Tipo de documento de identificación: Identification document type (Passport or ID Card) [“Pasaporte Ordinario / Cédula de Identidad”]; AND,
  • Número de Documento: Passport or ID number; AND,
  • Fecha de vencimiento: Expiry date of the document; AND,
  • Nombres: Names; AND,
  • Apellido 1: First Surname; AND,
  • Apellido 2: Second Surname; AND,
  • Correo electrónico: E-mail address; AND,
  • Confirmar Correo electrónico: Confirm your e-mail address; AND,
  • Nacionalidad: Nationality; AND,
  • Fecha de nacimiento: Date of birth.

Once completed, click on “Registrar” (Register). A message will pop up saying “Registro completado” (“Registration completed”).

You are now registered.

Next, check your e-mail. You will receive a temporary password and the link to log in into Extranjería’s booking system using your account. 

How to book an appointment for Extranjería step by step

To book your appointment for Extranjería, head over to: 

Then enter your e-mail address and password.

If it is your first time, you will have to enter the temporary password sent to your e-mail and then change it to one of your choice. 

Once you logged in, make sure to choose the right Region (the one in which you live).

Click on the top right of the window, on “TRÁMITES ASOCIADOS A” (processes associated with):

After you click on “TRÁMITES ASOCIADOS A” you will see the list of Regions in Chile.

Select yours:

Once you select it, choose the process (“trámite”) you need from the list (under “Reserva de horas”):

After you choose the process you will see the documents that you will have to present the day of the appointment:

Lastly, select the office to which you will be going the day of the appointment: 

If there are slots available you will be able to see a calendar like the one below.:

Click on a green block (green = available).

Once you do it, confirm the appointment.

You will be directed to a new window containing the receipt (of the appointment), which we suggest you to download.

You will have to print this receipt and take it with you the day of the appointment:

What if the process or office does not appear in the list?

There are some offices that are not listed, or processes that are not available on every Immigration office in Chile.

In these cases, you will have to head over to the closest “Gobernación Provincial” and confirm directly with them if you need to book an appointment (for the process you need) or not.

You can find the list with all the Immigration offices in Chile here.

What if there are no slots available?

If you don’t find any slots available, you MUST register in the waiting list (ASIGNACIÓN AUTOMATIZADA DE CITAS – Automated appointment assignment):

Once you register on the waiting list, you will receive a confirmation e-mail like the one in the picture below:

Then, just wait (and wait) until the appointment is confirmed.

When the day and hour of the appointment is confirmed you will receive an e-mail like this:

You must print this receipt and present it the day of the appointment.

Getting out of the waiting list?

If you change your mind and decide to get out of the waiting list in order to try to find an available slot during the week (which we don’t recommend), you can do so by clicking on “Eliminarme de asignación automatizada de citas” (remove me from the automated appointment assignment):

Bear in mind that if you decide to get out of the waiting list and you are past the period given by law to complete a process at the Immigration Department you are risking penalties (fines).

What if you cannot assist the day and hour assigned?

Since the appointments cannot be modified nor cancelled, you will have to register on the waiting list again right after the date of confirmed appointment has passed.

What if the appointment is assigned after the 60 day period given to stamp it?

As long as you registered on the waiting list before the deadline you will be OK. The Immigration Department takes into consideration the date in which you entered on the waiting list (if there were no slots available).

What if the appointment has been assigned but you never received the receipt by e-mail?

You will need to take a screenshot of your account, showing the date and hour of the appointment, print it and present it the day of the appointment.

Technical difficulties?

Register using a gmail account

Some domains, like .xyz, .byz, etc. are classified as spam accounts by the system, and the e-mail never arrives.

Try using a gmail account or at least an e-mail address finishing in .com or .cl

If you don’t have a second surname

In this case, just repeat your first surname.

Uppercase – Lower case

The system distinguishes lowercase and uppercase as if they were different accounts.

Try with a different browser

The system is compatible with:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox


Open a new window on incognito mode and try again. 

Try from another device

If you are trying from a PC, try from a smartphone or vice versa.

Contact the Immigration Department

If nothing worked, we suggest to contact the Immigration Department directly, through one of the following platforms: 

Is there a specific day or hour in which new time slots are released?

Unfortunately, there is not.

The Immigation Departament through their official Twitter account has confirmed it.

They have also advised to register on the waiting list if you don’t find any appointments available.