What should you do if after months of waiting you receive an e-mail from Extranjería saying that your Permanent Residency application is incomplete or insufficient? (“Solicitud incompleta o insuficiente. Otorga plazo para subsanar.”).

If you are in this situation, you must rectify your application online through tramites.extranjeria.gob.cl within 5 working days (5 días hábiles) of receiving the notification. If you don’t do it within those 5 days the application shall be considered withdrawn.

In this example, we can read from the notification that the document missing is the Police Clearance Certificate from the country of origin (“Certificado de Antecedentes del país de origen”).

So, if we are in this situation, we need to get a new Police Clearance Certificate, duly apostilled or legalized and translated if written in a language other than Spanish or English.

Note: The document or documents missing must be up to date. We cannot present the same Police Clearance Certificate we forgot to upload the first time. We must get a new one (and within 5 working days).

What about the rest of the documents?

You can present the same documents that you uploaded the first time, even if they already expired. The only documents that MUST be up to date are those that were missing at the moment of the application.

You can download the documentation presented on the first application through tramites.extranjeria.gob.cl. Once there, log in, click on “Historial de trámites” and then click on “Descargar“:


The resolution issued by Extranjería will indicate which document(s) is(are) missing, right after “– No adjuntó la documentación requerida para solicitar Permanencia Definitiva, o esta se encuentra incompleta o errónea. Para mayor información visite nuestra página web www.extranjeria.gob.cl“:

Ok, so we have the documents. How do we rectify the application?

We head over to tramites.extranjeria.gob.cl and we apply for Permanent Residency, just like we were applying for the first time. We fill the application form and upload all the documents required, including those we forgot to present the first time or were insufficient according to Extranjería (which MUST be up to date).

permanent residency application chile immigration lostinchile

Then, on the final page (before we submit the application), we will read the following message:

“Requerimiento Especial:

Esta etapa es SÓLO para aquellas personas que, teniendo una solicitud en trámite de permanencia definitiva, se les envió una notificación que indica “Solicitud incompleta o insuficiente. Otorga plazo para subsanar”.

Ud. fue notificado con “Solicitud incompleta o insuficiente. Otorga plazo para subsanar” (*)”

Which translates to:

“Special requirement:

This stage is ONLY for those who, having a Permanent Residency application in process, were sent a notification indicating “Incomplete or insufficient application. Grants term to rectify.”

Were you notified with the resolution of “Incomplete or insufficient application. Grants term to rectify” (*) “Solicitud incompleta o insuficiente. Otorga plazo para subsanar” (*)

Since we received the notification, we select “Si(Yes).


Immediately after:

  • We will have to enter the number of the notification received:

And we will have to upload:

number of the notificacion received incomplete permanent residency application chile lostinchile
number of the notificacion received incomplete permanent residency application chile lostinchile 2

  • The receipt issued by Extranjería that we received after we sent our application for the first time: “Comprobante de envío de solicitud anterior (mandatory)”:


  • And the resolution we received from Extranjería in which we were notified that our application was incomplete or insufficient: “Comprobante de Solicitud incompleta o insuficiente. Otorga plazo para subsanar” (*):


Once we upload the documents, we click on “Siguiente“.

And finally, on the last page, we hit “Enviar” to submit the application:

application permanent residency submit enviar extranjeria immigration lostinchile

What comes next?

We just need to wait to receive an e-mail from Extranjería letting us know if our application complies with the requirements and advances to the analysis stage, or if we made another mistake (in this case our application will be considered withdrawn).