Recently, a new process was added to Extranjería’s booking system, for those located within the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, called “Trámite Artículo 99”.

What does article 99 of Immigration Regulation in Chile establish?

Article No. 99. The holder of a tourist card shall hand it in to the border control officer when leaving the country. To leave the country after the authorized term for the stay has expired, the alien shall certify having satisfied the corresponding administrative punishment or being authorized by the corresponding provincial Governor, the Regional Governor of the Metropolitan Region or the Head of the Aliens and Migration Department of the Ministry of the Interior.

So, you need to book an appointment for “Trámite Artículo 99” if you are in the following situation:

You are in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, with an expired tourist visa, and you want to leave the country.

By expired tourist visa, we mean that:

  • You did not extend your tourist visa before it expired
  • You did not apply for a residence visa before your tourist visa expired.

When you find yourself in this situation, you must pay a fine to be able to leave the country (unlawful residence).

Booking the appointment

To book an appointment in order to calculate and pay the fine, head over to Extranjería’s booking system and log in.

Once there, make sure to select the right Region. Click on “Trámites Asociados a: Región Metropolitana de Santiago” located on the top right of the screen:

Select “Trámite Artículo 99”:

Select the office available for the process. Currently, the only office available is the one located on the second floor of the International Airport of Santiago – Avenida Armando Cortínez Norte, Pudahuel, Región Metropolitana:

Select the day and time that suits you the best:

Finally, to confirm the appointment click on “Reservar”:

Print the receipt and take your passport and expired Tourism Card the day of the appointment. Don’t forget about the money! (to pay the fine).