Starting from May 9, 2020, Australian nationals traveling to Chile for tourism purposes (using their Australian passports to enter the country) will have to obtain a Consular Tourism Visa (called “Visto Consular de Turismo”) prior to their travel.

This Consular Tourism Visa must be requested online through the Consular System (SAC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile.

How long can an Australian tourist stay in Chile?

  • For up to 90 days.

However, once in Chile, foreigners can extend their tourist visa (once) for another 90 days (180 days in total), paying US$100 (process called “Prórroga de Turismo“). Click here to read about the tourist visa in Chile.

Is it necessary to obtain a Consular Visa if you enter Chile in transit to a third country?

  • As a general rule, from May 9, 2020, every Australian national who enters Chile, in transit to a third country, must obtain a Consular Visa (single or multiple) that allows to enter and stay in Chile in transit for a maximum period of 72 hours between the entry date and the exit flight (as shown in the ticket).
  • Exception: However, Australian nationals who enter Chile by plane, in transit to a third country, provided that they do not go through the immigration control, that they remain in the transit or boarding area of the airport, and board the flight with destination to the third country within 8 hours after their arrival in Chile, WON’T be required to obtain a Transit Visa.

What documents are required to apply online for the Consular Tourism Visa and Consular Transit Visa?

1) A valid passport issued by the competent Australian authority: The validity of the passport must at least be the same of the visit; AND,

2) A picture, size 5×5 (passport size), in color, white background, full face from a frontal view, with the face covering ¾ of the area of the picture; AND,

3) Documents showing that that the applicant has sufficient economic means to travel and finance their trip and stay in Chile (for example: bank statements); AND,

4) An invitation letter signed before a Notary Public OR a hotel reservation if the applicant doesn’t have anyone in Chile; AND,

5) Return ticket (or reservation) to Australia or to a third country where the applicant has the correspondent permission to enter, which you will have to present the day of the appointment at the correspondent Chilean Consulate (The Consulate suggest not to buy the tickets before that the tourist visa is approved).

Please note:

  • Complying with the requirements listed above doesn’t necessarily mean that the tourist visa will be granted.
  • During the review of the application, additional information (or documents) may be required.

Does the Consular Visa have any cost?

  • The Consular Tourism Visa has a cost (but has not been determined yet).
  • The Consular Transit Visa has no cost (free).

Where is the application made?

Through the Consular Attention System (SAC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Click here to go to the website (then click on “Visa” to begin with the application).

Once the application has been sent, a notification will be received via email from the respective Consulate.

To check the status of the Consular Tourist Visa application (after it has been sent) you must click here and enter the validation code (code generated when filling out the application form) and passport number.

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