Requirements and documentation

In order to apply for Permanent Residency in Chile, the applicant must hold a valid visa, and comply with the requirements and documentation that we explain on: What are the requirements to apply for Permanent Residency in Chile


If the foreigner complies with the requirements, he / she must apply for Permanent Residency online through OR, if the applicant is a national of Brazil, China, Cuba, Haiti or Peru, he / she must apply in person at the closest ChileAtiende office throughout the country.

We explain how to apply for Permanent Residency online step by step in this article.


After the application has been submitted, the applicant will receive an e-mail with contains a 2-page Certificate called “Solicitud de Permanencia Definitiva en trámite”.

This Certificate (“Solicitud de Permanencia Definitiva en trámite”) states:

  • That the application is being processed (“en trámite”)AND,
  • That the applicant is allowed to keep working under the same conditions of the previous visa according to Article 135 Bis of the Immigration RegulationAND,
  • That the applicant is allowed to exit the country and re-enter without troubles; AND,
  • That the applicant won’t be able to get a new ID (the plastic) until the application is approved; AND,
  • That in case that the applicant has to pay the application fee, he / she will be notified by e-mail in order to download the payment order from, which will have to be paid at any commercial bank or ServiEstado in Chile.


Months later (usually 2-3 months later), the applicant will be notified by e-mail if the application complies with all the documentation required or not. If it does, the application will advance to the analysis stage.

Otherwise, if the application does not comply with the documentation required, the applicant will be given 5 working days to rectify it (“subsanar la solicitud de permanencia definitiva incompleta o insuficiente”). If the foreigner does not rectify the application within those 5 days, the application shall be considered withdrawn.

Approval / Rejection

Usually, 11 to 12 months after the application date, the applicant will be notified of the decision: approval or rejection.

If the application has been approved, the applicant will have to download the Permanent Residency Certificate from

Download Permanent Residency Certificate

If the application was rejected, the authority may decide to grant a temporary visa, or to to serve with a deportation order. Whatever the case may be, the applicant has the right to appeal the decision: administratively within 3 days or judicially within 30 days.

Registration and new ID Card

Once the applicant downloads the Permanent Residency Certificate he / she will have 30 days to register it at PDI and to apply for a new ID Card at the Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación. You can read our article on: What must you do after your Permanent Residency has been approved.