So, you submitted your visa application but now need to travel outside Chile and you haven’t heard a word from the Immigration Department (Extranjería) yet. How can you exit the country and re-enter without troubles?

Case 1: Your visa application, extension, or change of visa is not yet in process

First of all, when can we say that an application is being processed (“en trámite”)?

  • When you are notified by Extranjería, via certified mail, or e-mail, that your application has been received and will be reviewed by an analyst. It usually happens 2-3 months after you sent your application by certified mail.

When your application advances to this stage, you will be able to check the status online, through

If you sent your visa application, extension or change of visa by certified mail, but is not yet in process, you will be able to leave the country by showing the receipt of Correos de Chile:

What if you want to re-enter Chile and your application has not been processed yet?

If your application is not in process (“en trámite”) by the time you return to Chile, then you will enter Chile as a tourist (not as a resident). The receipt from Correos de Chile is not a proof of residency.

Case 2: Your visa application, extension or change of visa is being processed (“en trámite”)

In this case you will be able to exit Chile and re-enter as a resident by showing a Certificate called “Solicitud de Visa en trámite” which is issued by Extranjería once the application is received and advances to the analysis stage:

If the validity of your “Solicitud de visa en trámite” expires before or during your travel, you must extend it through

Case 3: Your Permanent Residency application is being processed (“en trámite”)

Since last January 24, 2020, immediately after a Permanent Residency application has been made, the applicant receives the Certificate named “Solicitud de Permanencia Definitiva en trámite” by e-mail:


With this document, the applicant can leave and re-enter Chile as a resident.

If the document expires before or during your travel (it has a validity of 6 months), the applicant must extend it through