Congrats! You are now officially a Permanent Resident. You now can stay in Chile indefinitely, and carry out any licit activity.

Once we are notified of the approval, or once we see that the application has been approved through we need to follow 2 more steps, and in the following order (we cannot skip steps):

1) We download our Permanent Residency Certificate

We need to head over to Once there, we search for the process called “Certificado de Permanencia Definitiva” and then click on “Iniciar con Clave Única“:

permanent residency certificate pede permanencia definitiva certificado chile extranjeria clave unica lostinchile
Click here to download the Certificate

If our Certificate is available, we will be able to download it (we can send a copy to our email as well)

Permanent Residency Certificate PEDE Permanencia Definitiva Certificado extranjeria immigration chile lostinchile
Permanent Residency Certificate

This will be the document that will prove that we are Permanent Residents in Chile.

Now that we are Permanent Residents:

  • We can carry out any licit activity (article No. 80 of the Immigration Regulation)
  • We cannot stay abroad (outside Chile) for more than one consecutive year. Otherwise, our Permanent Residency will be revoked.
  • If we are unable to come back to Chile before those 365 days, we can apply for the extension of our Permanent Residency at the nearest Chilean Consulate, 60 days before the expiration date (article No. 84 of the Immigration Regulation).

2) We apply for our new ID Card

After we download our Permanent Residency Certificate, we will have 30 days to apply for our new Chilean ID Card.

Some Civil Registry (Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación) offices require us to book an appointment in advance. Find out which offices require an appointment and which don’t here.

If we need to book an appointment, we do it here.

The day of the application, we must carry:

  • 2 copies of the Permanent Residency Certificate issued by Extranjería; AND,
  • Our passport and 2 copies of the identification page; AND,
  • Copy of the appointment confirmation (if the office requires an appointment); AND,
  • CLP$4.270 to pay for the ID Card.

Once we applied for our new ID Card, we can check the status here.


When it is ready we can just concur with our receipt and collect it (without previous appointment).

Our new ID Card will be valid for 5 years.

We won’t have to renew our Permanent Residency. We will have to renew our ID Card every 5 years.